Working Together For A Safer Tomorrow

To Become a Student Participant of the "Team Together":

Based on DHS guidelines for the Next Generation, the Working Together Program emphasizes an annual selection process for participants. pre-college, undergraduate, graduate, post baccalaureate and post doctoral students are eligible. To be considered, information is required in August. For selection and prior to approval, participants must submit the following materials. Formats to provide this information are included as downloads. OR to request formats for the following information, please contact

1. Curriculum Vita

2. Participant Data Sheet

3. Health Insurance

A. Three part health assessments
1. General physical (All)
2. Dental exam (Arctic and Remote Sites)
3. Mental health (On-line Assessment)

B. Insurance coverage (Institutional Insurance may be applicable)

Current Passport

CV Format Sheet

2011 Participant Data Sheet (PDS)

Submit your PDS and CV to


Whaling Boat: Alaska
Whaling Boat: Alaska
Barrow Project: Alaska
Barrow Project: Alaska
Wind Energy for Native Americans
Wind Energy for Native Americans
Working Together Trip: Alaska
Working Together Trip: Alaska
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