Working Together For A Safer Tomorrow


Technology Transitioning

Working Together for a Safer Tomorrow emphasizes technology transitioning of risk assessments and research results to assist state, local, and tribal entities in efforts to reduce the economic impact of disaster and terror events. For example:
  • Tools and models transferred to user communities
  • Horizontal network of DHS contacts to transfer knowledge through collaborations
  • Risk Analysis Workbench (R.A.W.)
  • Risk Analysis Research and Technology includes partnerships with user communities
  • Graduating Students
Mountain Landscape
Mountain Landscape

You will be offered the opportunity to meet new people and start innovative projects with other Working Together peers. These pictures are places Working Together has been with its students.

Outreach and Communication: Working Together Current Efforts and Potentials
  • Events (Symposia, Pow Wows, Workshops)
  • Presentations
  • Website (dotProject, CREATE)
  • Newsletter
  • Database (Working Together Neighbors )
  • Brochures
  • Media Relations (Radio, Television, Newspaper)
  • External Organization Activities
  • Students

Applied Research Projects

For the projects among the Working Together staff and students, the interdisciplinary approach is often critical for transitioning the research to a user community. The Working Together research accounts for multiple risk factors, which are relevant, so the results can be readily applied to both broader and local issues within a user community. Currently in the Working Together program, applied research consists of the following broader and local issues within user communities.

  • Economic, behavioral analysis of bioterrorism events
  • Health technology in the event of natural or bio-terror disasters
  • Analysis of risks to casinos
  • Social aspects of intercommunity operability
  • Animals in disasters
  • Aviation safety and risk analysis in remote regions
  • Analysis of remote critical infrastructure during bioterrorism events
  • Self-sustaining communities or campus sites in the event of natural disaster or terror attacks


Whaling Boat: Alaska
Whaling Boat: Alaska
Barrow Project: Alaska
Barrow Project: Alaska
Wind Energy for Native Americans
Wind Energy for Native Americans
Working Together Trip: Alaska
Working Together Trip: Alaska
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