Working Together For A Safer Tomorrow


Working Together Integration

To accomplish the benefits, the Working Together Program emphasizes integration:
  • With collegic and business organizations
  • With Other National Centers of Excellence that utilizes risk analysis for research
  • With Community Clients of Target Regions
    • State
    • Municipal
    • Tribal
    • Non-Profits
    • Business
    • Academic
WTST Students
WTST Students

A benefit is the opportunity to get involved with your nation by traveling to different states and possibly countries. These pictures are places Working Together has already been.

Working Together Program Benefits:
  • to bring multiple perspectives and scientific approaches on risk analysis issues
  • to innovate and integrate research at the cutting edge of social, natural and technology sciences
  • to provide continuity in a rapidly changing environment among Indian and non-Indian communities
  • to leverage resources and link a broad network of state, local, tribal, academic and community groups
  • to be a trusted and credible source of information for the public
  • to build an enduring base of knowledge and to educate ?ommunity leaders for the future
  • to expand opportunities for Next Generation students


Interdisciplinary Program

Each program at CREATE develops an interdisciplinary research team and seeks diverse interests among its students. Among the disciplines, which benefit the Working Together for a Safer Tomorrow program, are the following:
Health Sciences

  • Public Health
  • Emergency Management
  • Disaster Planning and Response
Social Science

  • Public Policy and Planning
  • Anthropology
  • Political Science
  • Business and Economics

  • Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
Computer Science


Whaling Boat: Alaska
Whaling Boat: Alaska
Barrow Project: Alaska
Barrow Project: Alaska
Wind Energy for Native Americans
Wind Energy for Native Americans
Working Together Trip: Alaska
Working Together Trip: Alaska
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