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Network Integration:

Working Together for A Safer Tomorrow Can Assist Your Tribe, Community, State, Educational Institution, Business, or Organization.

Working Together for A Safer Tomorrow relies upon state, local, or tribal community based sponsorship as a key element of its programs and activities. Any community group, which is interested in sponsoring an activity, simply requests to do so by sending a letter or email to: Working Together for A Safer Tomorrow [insert address here] or Upon receipt of the request, a member of the Working Together for A Safer Tomorrow team meets with community representatives. They jointly select themes about risks, which are regionally relevant, and develop an event format, which provides opportunities for target audiences. Events can include symposia, workshops, meetings, educational camps, in-services, technical training sessions, or community events such as open houses or exhibits. Funding for the development and implementation of activities is dependent, to varying degrees, upon regional community networking and support.

Throughout all planning and implementation of the events, community collaboration is emphasized among state, local and/or tribal entities. Working Together for a Safer Tomorrow is a program to facilitate diverse groups within a variety of regional communities to network, prepare, and reduce the economic impact of terror and disaster events.

The pictures below are from DHS UCAR, the website for this event can be viewed here. Once at the website click the webcase link to view the event.

Working Together for a Safer Tomorrow Organization and Framework:
  • Fiduciary-The Haskell Foundation provides fiduciary oversight for all grant related activities.
  • Academic Host-Haskell Indian Nations University serves as the lead academic institution and hosts an annual Working Together for A Safer Tomorrow educational program.
  • Education and Outreach-Applied Research in Environmental Science NonProfit, Inc., a research and educational association, provides organizational support and Ph.D. level faculty to assist the Working Together for A Safer Tomorrow program and DHS in its efforts to train the Next Generation of Homeland Security Professionals.
  • Support-Tribes, communities, states, universities, businesses, organizations, and individuals also provide a variety of technical support, equipment, facilities, travel, and volunteer support to the Working Together for A Safer Tomorrow program.


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